Chapter 33

Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends
We sold our house in Ponte Vedra in July, and Karen and I are both retired and living full time in the mountains (Otto) of North Carolina. Thanks to a referral by Jane DeBow Hammock, we were able to sell the house for cash, as is. It was enough work moving without having to do home repairs. Thank you, Jane!
I left my pool cleaning business in capable hands. Gene Calhoun is a good guy and a good pool man. In a few years, the business will be his.
We stay busy by chopping firewood and with our personal projects. I’m working on my autobiography (online at, if you have any David stories or old photos, send them to me, Karen has multiple art projects and spends time with her girlfriends. We signed up at the local Senior Center in Franklin. Karen had minor surgery on her left hand in September and all is well.
I escorted my daughter Chris down the aisle (a dock, actually) in October and she got married to a nice guy, Richard. The wedding was outdoors at a park near Twin City, Georgia. It was great to hang out with Bonnie (who helped me create this tribe), my grandchildren, their spouses, and great grandchildren. I am very proud of my Statesboro family.
Better leadership could help all of us have a better quality of life. Many of our leaders today are more interested in their own agendas, than in the people they are leading. It’s especially important to teach good values to the young people. We all want to leave a better world for our children and grandchildren. Please support good leadership.
Karen and I are both available on Facebook. May your Holidays be blessed and full of joy.

Love — David and Karen


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