Chapter 33 - 2017


There were only a few cold days this entire winter. Most work days, I cleaned pools in flip flops and baggies and a sweatshirt. My back is bothering me again, so I had Dr. Casey Morris take x-rays. Next is a visit to Dr. Arce to see what he can do. I inherited a black Ninja 250, just like my grey one and have been riding both. I also have the 93 S-10 work truck, Denny's 2004 S-10, and my 94 Geo Tracker. Gene Calhoun began working with me in February and will eventually take over the business. I am in Otto, NC for the second week in March, relaxing and helping Karen with chores and projects. I spent a little quality time with Amanda Bew in February. Rusty and Chip and I watched the Super Bowl together. They had been helping me clean pools since last April. It was very special to spend so much time with two of my best friends. As of now, March 14th, I have taken my pool, CPR, and Emergency Response classes for the VLSC, and have my Beach class to go. I plan on being active (non-responding) one more year. This is probably it, as this time next year, I will be retired in the mountains with Karen. I really like lifeguarding, helping others, and being around young people. I am active on Facebook, and work with a Mac Book Pro and a Google Chromebook. I still have a flip phone, no smart phone yet. I made a trip to Savannah and Statesboro to see my Georgia family at Christmas 2016. 3/14/2017

Dr. Arce looked at my MRI and X rays in June, and said I had a slipped disk touching a nerve at L4/L5, and had severe disk and vertebrae deterioration and severe arthritis.The pain is manageable and I will avoid a fusion as long as I can.

We sold our house July 7th to Lisa and Bruce Kessler, who are going to fix it up and resell it. We took a little off and they bought it as is, which was a blessing. We had a small good bye party for our friends and neighbors. I drove the last load of goods in my 93 Chevy S-10, pulling my #3 Harbor Freight 4X8 utility trailer. The brakes went out on the truck on July 3rd and I was lucky enough to get Auto Store,my towing company's mechanic to fix them by Thursday, the 6th. Thank you Peter for doing a good job on short notice. I had a good drive up, though Karen had to help pull the trailer up the driveway.

A month later I have most everything unloaded from storage and somewhat organized. I have the spa working and blew up the black Ninja (again). I think I can fix it. Anna and Rosemary have been to visit and RM and Karen canned 2 cases of tomatos.It's nice and cool up here, I don't miss the heat in Florida.


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