Chapter 33

Chris Parker's Wedding

Karen and I left Mulberry Ridge at 9:00 Saturday morning on October 21st and drove to Twin City, Georgia, near Statesboro, arriving around 4 in the afternoon. We set up our tent in the park where the wedding was held, and joined the wedding party at a nearby pavilion. I walked her down the aisle (dock actually) and we had a nice wedding on the lake. After an evening of partying, we crashed in our tent. I fell asleep early and Karen got mad at me for not helping her unpack. We met Chris and her new husband, Richard Youmans, at the Huddle House in nearby Millen for breakfast and then continued on to Florida.
Karen dropped me off at the lifeguard station in Jax Beach, at 3 pm, and went to her friend, Paula’s. I went for a run and a swim, and met Rosemary Naughton for dinner at Safe Harbor Seafood in the shadow of the Beach Boulevard bridge. , After dinner, Rosemary dropped me off at the station and I went to sleep in the dorm shortly thereafter. Karen had some doctor’s appointments and I bunked at the station for the next two nights. Karen stayed with Paula.
I saw Chip McClurg, Rusty Johnston, and Jackie Payne, before leaving Wednesday morning for home in Otto, NC. I had a great time working out and hanging out with the Boyz at the lifeguard station for 3 days.



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