Chapter 28 - 2013

Karen was still in Otto, NC, at our cabin with Smoky, so I spent New Year's eve by myself. Thom Wright had a party, but I was cleaning pools the next day, so I didn't want to stay out late. I was in bed by 10,and felt good the next day.

I had my second post op with Dr. Arce on January 8. He looked at my CT scan and asked me how I felt. He cleared me for light running, which was fantastic news. I gave him a copy of Aldous Huxley's The Art of Seeing, as I had seen Dr. Arce a few weeks earlier in the parking lot by Sierra Grill after his eye exam across the street. I started running to the pier and back from the lifeguard station a few days later. It felt great. I bought a stationary recumbent bike which I parked in front of the big screen tv we bought last year. Saw Dr. Shirley Hartman for post-op and micro-current and accupuncture treatment in January.

Max Schafer is helping me one day a week cleaning pools. I get tired easily, though I can work by myself all day. It takes me a couple of days to recuperate, as it does after a moderate work out day.

Working with Jake Pharr to fix recrosslifeguard website. Trying to get a chairman for Annual Committee. Going to the pool with w13 class. Attending Tuesday meetings as much as possible. Signed up for Spring Training classes. Running 1/2 to 1 mile on beach once a week or so. On the recumbent bike some and light weight work.

2/12/13 Find Teri the turtle in a customer's pool: female red eared slider, 1 1/4" long, 1 1/4" wide, 3/8" thick. Buy a 10 gallon tank, a filter a heater and a top screen.

Sit with Winter '13 recruit surfman, 3 Sundays

Work on Annual for ARCVLSC

Pick up a few new pools, route up to 25 - 30 pools. Swim every work day.

Rosemary's 50th birthday party, Anna, Edwin, Dylan, Daniel, Judy Cissel, Betsy, Brooke, Jake and Reid, Tina, Julie, Elizabeth, Will. Cook out, hot tub, kiddie pool, fire barrel

Karen gets 2012 Subaru Forester in May

June: Fix washing machine, new heater and circulation pump for the hot tub, new Homelite blower

6/23/13 Paula and Bob bring us a 3" long musk turtle.Teri is now 4" long.

Go to Statesboro for Laila Grace's 4th birthday.

Neil Blaser finds a male eastern river cooter aquatic turtle swimming in the surf just north of the Jax Bch pier and gives him to me. He is 5" long. By now we have a 40 gallon tank with 2 filters.We name him Neil. Everyone is getting along.

I sit 2 Sundays and the 4th of July with the summer recruit surfmen.

I turn over the website committee to Cayden Clancy.

Help "Mama" Susan Wallis with the HammerHead ocean marathon.

Up to @ 30 steady pool customers, do some vacation cleaning, and clean up one nasty green pool.

As October 10 deadline looms, Corps annual becomes #1 priority. - Finished, turned out good, Mitch Kaufman puts it on dvd for us.

Jerry Pilcher brings us a 2" Florida soft shell turtle and I find a male red eared slider crossing the road in Marsh Landing. With 5 turtles, we clean their tank and filters almost daily.

We go to Otto, NC, for Christmas and New Year. Gordie Vandusen is running my pool route for me. Only 1 complaint so far (12/28/13). We take Smoky and all 5 turtles. They do fine.

Hot tub motor is getting loud. Will put a new one and pump seals soon. Love my spa. I'm in it 2 or 3 X a week, at least.


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