Chapter 25

Timeline 2011

New Year in Statesboro with Rosemary for Greg Parker's wedding
Give daughter Chris, Windows laptop
Clean up Ernie Haddock's green pool in the neighborhood, January and February
Teeth problems in February, March, 1 extraction, 2 root canals
Do not run Winter Beach Run
Pass all lifeguard requirements in March except 500 meter swim time
Repaint S-10 Blazer in driveway in March, Touch up S-10 pickup
March - finish Hillegass Insurance website
Mary Hess birthday party April 2
West Riverside Elementary 100 year celebration (Mike and Andrea Akers, Pat Cowart)April 9
Build website for Jax Beach Competition Team, Davids Pool Service
Riverside Avondale Preservation Tour, April 17, tour old house on 2962 Herschel Street
Carl Stearns, Greg, and Lucas stop in on way to space shuttle non-launch, April 26
Score old 55 gallon drum from Donald Dagley for fire barrel April 29
Finish painting the house May 16
Put a new circulation pump in the hot tub May 21
Install manual garage door system when electric motor fails
Party at George's June 18, with Rick and Anna, Rosemary, et al
Major service on my Ninja 250 in June
Lots of smoke in May and June from lots of fires burning locally and in Georgia
Hole in front yard, courtesy of AT&T, from May 25 to June 14
Marketing post cards for Pool Service
Build 100 Year Gala website for Katie Ghiotto
Ginnie Springs 8/13+14
Run Summer Beach 5 mile run in 58:20
New permanent bridge, upper left back, Dr. Neal, 8/16
Lifeguard houseparty 10/15, Suwanee River Rendevous
Compaq laptop 10/9
Anna, Eddie, Dylan, and Daniel visit 10/22,23
Max and Linda visit 10/24,25,26
Zoo for birthday, 11/5, with Karen and Mary
Karen and David buy retirement cabin in Otto, NC (Trip 11/20-22)

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